Jul 31, 2012

How To Get Paid More Now

Employment ExhibitionEmployment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)
If your goals in 2012 are in line with getting ahead financially, you really only have two ways to do that. Save more money (by cutting down on some expenses) or two, make more money. Although we often look at a multitude of ways to do both, let’s look for the quick hit in the form of a raise from an employer.

When looking for a raise you must concentrate and three main things.

1. It is assumed that you deliver good quality work. But don’t overlook attitude. Call it “team player” or “likeable” - whatever the description don’t underestimate that people need to like you. It cannot only make the different on if you get a raise or not, but how much.

2. Oftentimes people fail to know what their position is worth. There are many resources online such as www.bls.gov that will allow you to look for similar position (and area). By knowing what an “industry average” is may better help you case.

3. Sometimes you need to simply look elsewhere. Ok, we are usually more comfortable staying in the same place but sometimes you need to make a move to another company. When looking at such a move be sure to focus on benefits such as health care and other employee benefits – they can really add up.