Jun 22, 2012

A day at Texas A&M

Water tower on the campus of Texas A&M Univers...
Water tower on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So last year I had my first chance to take in a game at College Station and it was quite the experience. Since I was a little kid watching the Sam Adams led defense terrorize the old Southwest Conference (okay, that doesn't seem that long ago, but now I really feel like I"m dating myself) I've always sort of held Texas A&M as one of those teams I have no reason to like but do anyway.

As a weird aside, there are a handful of teams at the NFL and college level that fall into this category. For no reason whatsoever and in a tangent that means nothing to this post I will subject you to those right now:

  1. Clemson (I think I loved the purple jersey/orange pants combo and the name "death valley" just seemed appropriately intimidating).
  2. North Carolina State (I was a little brother, and I feel like few schools play little brother more than NC State does. Go Wolfpack!)
  3. UCLA. No explanation, I just did, so deal with it.
  1. Dolphins (Dan Marion to Mark Super Duper was impossible not to cheer for)
  2. LA Rams (Eric Dickerson was just the man. That is all.)
  3. The Indianapolis Colts (the Rams traded Dickerson, so my fandom followed).
Anyhow, it was a fabulous day in College Station on my first trip there, I went with my brother and his wife who happened to be in the area on business and we brought nothing but ourselves. We're all fairly outgoing so before we knew it we were getting sucked into tailgates and offered beverages and all sorts of delicious eats. We made a lot of fast friends and had a blast while we were there, then headed inside and experienced one of the more raucous crowds that I can remember as the Aggies put it on the Baylor Bears. Little did we know we'd be watching the eventual Heisman Trophy winner in Robert Griffin III, but he was no match for the Aggies and their fans this day as they rolled over the Bears 55-28.

Needless to say, the venue was one of the best I've ever been to and the fans were fantastic. I'd definitely recommend any college football fan take a trip to Texas A&M to take in a game.

Here's some useful Texas A&M links for current or prospective fans!

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